Westport Library reopens following 2 years of construction

News 12 Connecticut


Hundreds of people attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday before the official reopening of the Westport Library.

The library has been under construction for two years.

Since construction started in 2017, the library has been partially opened to the community but not fully operational.

"This is a tremendous event for Westport. The library is very much our university. It's our community center. It's a place where people gather all the time,” says First Selectman Jim Marpe.

The library now has a recording studio, editing systems, meeting rooms, a theater and much more. Architect Henry Myerberg says he designed the library to transfer the energy of space into the energy of people.

"You know, energy is people coming together,” he says. “And libraries of the 21st century are bringing together a collection of people, not just a collection of books." 

The library added several windows and elevated the floor to amplify a warm, welcoming feeling.

In honor of the reopening, the Westport Library had live performances, speakers, food and fun activities.