Thank You To Our Donors

We are grateful to the following donors, who have already contributed to our 21s century vision.

Anonymous (21)

Martha and Larry Aasen    

Estate of Patricia Abbott    

Nancy and Carlos Abrams-Rivera    

Alice and Carl Addicks    

Allison Adler and Jon Stashower    

Bonnie and Robert Adler   

Howard J. Aibel    

Alliance Bernstein    

The Allott Family    

The Amlicke Family    

Judith Anderson    

The Eduardo and Chris Andrade Family   Charitable Foundation    

Malle and Jose Andrade    

Andrews Family Foundation

Joni & Nigel Andrews    

Paula and Mark Argosh    

Elizabeth and Richard Auber    

The Babbin Family    

Gwen and David Baker    

Marilyn and David Balk    

Martha and Donald Bancroft    

The Barandiaran Family    

The Barnett Family

Jerome and Peggy Barton    

Bass/Waldman Family

Stephanie Bass    

Joan B. Bassett    

Linda Baumstein

Amy Bauer and Michael Burns

Nancy Jones Beard Foundation

Janet and Albert Beasley    

Arline and Joel Beckoff    

Julie and Mike Belaga    

Tina and David Bellet    

The Benmosche Family    

Kathleen and Scott Bennewitz    

Totney and Rick Benson    

Nina and Richard Bentley    

Brad and Robin Berggren    

Alice and Ken Bernhard    

David and Eunice Bigelow  

Jennifer and Eric Blankfein  

Maxine Bleiweis

Herbert and Arlene Bloom    

Carol and Andy Boas    

Laurie and David Boczar    

Julie and Paul Bonington    

Ellen and Doug Bowen    

Diana Bowes    

Jennifer and Robert Bowman    

Prill and Mike Boyle    

Lindsay and Jon Brachle    

Joellen and Bill Bradford    

Estate of Regina Brauer

Bridgewater Associates LP

Broder and Orland LLC

Kathryn Frazer Brooks

Wendy and Spencer Brown

Linda and Iain Bruce

Anna and Bob Buckner

Maggie and Tom Burchill

Joan and Richard Burman

Dr. Randy Burnham and Linda Hudson

Miggs B    

Carol Burton

Anita and John Caggiano    

Ellen and Paul Cahill    

Marci and Fred Caporizzo    

Michelle Cardella and Stuart Gold    

Kathleen and Charles Carey    

Christine and Michael Carey    

Margaret Carkner    

The David and Dorothy Carpenter Charitable Trust Foundation    

Roz and Joe Carpentieri    

Julie and Bill Chandler    

William G. Chase    

Marianne Cirrito    

Cindy and Jim Clark    

Yvonne and Guy Claveloux

Galia and Adam Clemens    

Gabi Coatsworth    

Carolyn and Gary Cohen    

Drs. Bobbi and Barry Coller

Roberta and Paul Cooper

Mary and Jonathan Cooperman    

Claudia Coplen    

Rita and Anthony Coscia    

Ellen W. Cowen    

Bobbi and Russ Crocker    

Andrea and David Cross    

Allison and Jeff Cross    

Pamela and John Crowley    

Betty Lou and Tom Cummings    

Huguette and Jonathan Cunitz    

Stacie and Jim Curran    

Anna Czekaj-Farber    

Kathe and George Damman    

Alan Beasley and Jo Ann Davidson    

John C. Davidson    

The Davis Family Joel, Carol, Chuck, Andy and Jon

Catherine and Keith Davis

Janice and Evan Dean

Carol and Theodore Diamond

Nancy Diamond and Jeffrey Mayer

Emily and Joe DiMiceli

Katje and Bob Donovan

Holland Dunn and David Farrar

Barbara Judelsohn Durham    

Susan and Peter Eastman    

June Eichbaum and Kenneth Wirfel

Susan S. Ellis    

Jeanine Esposito    

Edward and Giselle Everett

EXSIF Worldwide, Inc.

The Falik Family

Eileen and Christopher Fanning

Laura Feder

Theanne and Matthew Feldman    

Thomas Fiffer    

Margery and Leonard Everett Fisher    

Jackie and Peter Flatow    

Heidi and Robert Flicker    

Eileen Lavigne Flug    

L. and C. Fodeman

The Fonteyne Family

Karen and Rusty Ford    

The Fording Family    

Ann and Jim Foreman    

Dorothy and Jon Fox    

Lois and Robert Fox    

Linda Francis and John Monks    

Luisa Francoeur and Jim Goodrich

Judy and Keith Frey

The Fridland Family    

Ed and Lisa Friedland    

Lauri and Michael Friedland

Ilene and Alan Frost

Estate of Patricia Lauber Frost

Jo Fuchs-Luscombe and John Luscombe    

Zdenka Fuller

Elise and Neil Gabriele

Catherine Gardiner and John Feeley

General Atlantic Service Company, LLC

Genesee and Wyoming Inc.

David I. Gensler

Beatrice Gershberg

Meredith Gershon and Howard Fetner

Arline P. Gertzoff

N. W. Gibbons

Josephine L. Gierer

Joan and Ted Gillman Family

Sara, Phil, Emma and Ava Glick    

Katherine Gluck    

Lori and Joseph Goertz    

Amy and Gary Goldberg

Lynn and Tom Goldberg

Micah Goldberg and Sooo-z Mastropietro

Marjorie Golden and Russ Baris



Goldman Sachs

Lynne and Stephen Goldstein

Kathy and Micky Golomb

Marianne and Tim Goodell

Gloria and Jim Goodenough

John B. Goodrich

Stacey Goodwin    

Jenifer and Matt Gorin

Eugene J. Gottesman

Ellen Graff and Marty Fox

Jill Greenberg and Mitchell Lester    

Liz and Marc Greenberg    

Stewart and Constance Greenfield Foundation    

Monique and Phil Greenspan    

Teresa and Ryan Gregory    

Judith and Leslie Grodd    

Phyllis and Stan Groner    

Harold Gross    

Roberta and Eric Grossberg    

Madeleine and Edward Grossman    

Judith and Michael Guthman    

Blanche and Dave Haid    

Christa Balzert Hammerling    

Beth and Sanjeev Handa    

Barbara Hansen and Mark Hunt    

Jill and Bill Harmer    

Elaine and Charles Harris    

Ida and Choli Hartono    

Donna and Peter Hathaway    

Staci and William Hebel    

The Heineman Family

Valerie and Jerry Held

Ron Henkoff and Yvonne Senturia

Bobbie Herman

Jan Hersh    

Alison Hoffman and Kevin Rakin

Mary and Dan Hoffman

John Hooper and Gail Pesyna

Suzy and Geoff Hooper

JS Howe Family Foundation

Sarah Bevan Hrvacic and Hakija Hrvacic

Amy and Ed Hulina

Jill and Marc Isaacs

Rama Iyer

The Jacobson / Moskovitz Family

Francoise and Rick Jaffe

Sherry Jagerson

Wendy and Dennis Jarrett

Barbara Jay

Gretchen Johanns and Dan Kiely    

Heidi Kaess

Heidi and Andrew Kail    

Dorian Kail and Sam Leaf

Nancy Kail

Susan Kail

In honor of Dan and Wilma Kail

Susan and David Kalman    

Lydia and Dick Kalt    

Peggy and Harold Kamins    

Karen A. Kaminsky    

Melissa and Jon Kane

Kate and Bruce Kasanoff

Estate of Shirley Black Kash

Shelly and Michael Kassen

Debra Kaufman    

Sheila F. Keenan    

Gail Kelly and Bruce Gaylord    

Sara and Jim Kempner    

Sandra Kent    

Sue and Bill Kirby    

Bill Klein and Lucy Johnson

Evie Klein and Bob Owens

Mrs. David H. Kogen

Sandy and Peter Kolbrener

The Komansky Foundation, Inc.

John Kossak and Evelyn Kranes Kossak

Estate of Hilda Kraus

Sandi and Tom Kretsch    

Jonny Lach

Celeste and Norman LaCroix

Ann and Noor Lakhdhir    

Lilly Langotsky and Stuart Uram

Monika Lazaro and Grover Fitch

Joanne and Carl Leaman

Valerie Ann Leff

Muriel Lefsetz

Carla and Roger Levien    

Daniel Levinson

Lipton Foundation Inc.

Theresa L. Liu

Kathy and Wayne LoCurto

Michael Loeb

Marcia Logan and Dan Goodgame

Carolyn Longacre and Michael Wilens

Elizabeth and John Lorusso

Ellie and Dick Lowenstein

The Lueker Family

Nancy and Jeff Lupoff

Jay Ludy and Eileen Hart

Mitzi Lyman and David Geronemus

Christine and Niels Lyng-Olsen    

Audrey Magida    

Deanna M. Maneker

Yvonne and Michael Marks

Mary Ellen and Jim Marpe

Elizabeth and Joseph Massoud Family Foundation

Jacqueline and George Masumian

Mattel Children's Foundation

Susan and John McCabe

Mark and Marianna McCall

Abby and Pete McElroy    

The McGinley Family

Paula and Tom McInerney

David and Nancy McKinney

William and Marianne McNee

Denise and John McNicholas

Patricia Teves Merrow

Elise Meyer and Henry Feuerstein

Katherine Michael and Harold Ginsberg    

Denise and Paul Michalowski

Maureen J. Miskovic

Dolores and Dennis Mockler

Mrs. Myra Motroni

Maggie Mudd

Elizabeth Munro

John Murphy and Marleen Salko

The Naggar Family    

Sandy and Peter Nathan

Stanley M. Nayer

Joyce and Elliott Netherton

Hon. Alan H. Nevas and Janet S. Nevas

Andrew and Jodie Nevas

Newman's Own Foundation, Inc.

Maxine and Arnold Nickelsberg

Hilary Nordholm and Adrian Hinojos

Lory Nurenberg and Frank Hall    

Myrna and Arnold Ockene    

James C. and Margaret M. O'Donoghue    

Frances and Alan Offenberg    

Kate and Eric Ordway    

The Pajolek Family    

Heidi Palmer and Robert Kruger    

Sara J. Palmer    

Steve and Diane Parrish Foundation    

The Pauker Family    

Ann and Lock Pawlick    

Penny Pearlman    

Elizabeth and John Peloso    

Robert and Ruth-Anne Perliss    

Cary and Leonard Peterson

The Plotkin Family

Ann and Peter Pollack    

Patricia and Salvatore Porio

Tracy and Marc Porosoff

Meredith Poster

Robin M. Powell

Praxair, Inc.


Joe Pucci and Dara Lieberson

Evelyn and David Quigley    

Barbara and Stephen Raffel    

Beth and Jay Rand    

Harriette and Dick Rauh    

Estate of Allen Raymond

Rachel Reese

Pat Riemersma    

Ronnie Riker    

Lisa and Dominic Rispoli    

Jenny and Tim Robson    

Tim and Janet Rogers and Family    

Marjorie and Rick Rosencrans    

Judy and Bob Rosenkranz

Stephanie and Stuart Ross

Susan Ross and Andrew Sommer

James, Lisa and Eden Rossman

Barbara and Jonathan Roth

In memory of Jack Rotman

Janet and Howard Rubel

The Ruskin Family

Sara and Arthur Sachs    

Lucy and Dick Sallick    

Janet and Steve Samuels    

Judy and Steve Samuels    

Linda Sanders    

Candice Savin and Daniel Gross

Irma Klein Schachter and Joseph H. Schachter

Schachter Family: Ted and Susan, Stephen and Carrie, David and Danny; Kaira, Nora-Leah, Mia in honor of Irma and Joe Schachter

Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.

Carole J. Schwabe    

Shirlee Schwarz    

Leslie and Eric Seidman

Harriet and Bob Selverstone

The Seo Families of Westport

The Serels Family

Richard and Yvonne Seto

Sharon and Jim Seymour

Sheffer Family Gift

Topsy and Richard Siderowf

Roz and Bud Siegel

Edith D. Sillman

Stefani and Mark Silverstein

Cliff and Sue Sirlin

Janet Slom

Debi and Rick Smilow    

Linda Gramatky and Kendall Smith

Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.

The Smithson Family

Jennifer and Sandy Smokler

Dr. and Mrs. M. Sorcher

Laura and Albert Spada    

Merrill and Randy Spector    

Robie and Scott Spector    

Gloria and Michael Stashower

Francine Stein

Carol and Richard Stein

Sybil and Harold Steinberg

Julia G. Sterling

Kris Story and Jim Healy    

Nina Streitfeld

Elizabeth Strick

Gary Stuart

Gloria Cole Sugarman and Michael Cole

Cindi and Nick Sunjka

Susan Jaffe Tane

Terry and Chuck Tannen

Lauren Tarshis and David Dreyfuss

Susan Terry and Grant Patrick

Thiemann-Wicker Family Foundation    

Frances Thomas

Susan Thomsen and Norman Trepner

Chris Timmons

Estate of Jerry A. Tishman

Ginger M. Tobey

Christian J. and Eva W. Trefz

Laurence S. Untermeyer

Mitzi and Ed Vaimberg

The Vandis Family

Mami and George Varghese    

Nancy and Frank Vener    

Patricia A. Vezendy    

Alison and Bob Wachstein    

George Wagner    

Dr. Dava Waltzman

Sheila Ward and James Berner    

Pamela Weil    

Ann Weiner    

Sylvia and Robert Weiss    

Rita and Steve Weisskoff    

Ashley and Brian Welker    

Patricia Wettach    

Eileen and Ray Wilhelm    

Ruth Willick    

Ruth and Alan Winnick    

The Michael M. Wiseman and Helen A. Garten Charitable Foundation

Susan and Stan Witkow    

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Barbara, Dennis and Malia Wong    

Suzanne and Tom Zarrilli    

Tammy and Richard Zelkowitz    

Anne-Marie Ziegler    

Irene Zincone    

Alan and Cindy Zuckerbrod